The breed of Thai cats  


Body: Medium sized and muscular body, but still slender and elegant; neither cobby nor elongated. Legs medium in length, rounded paws. Tail of medium length and slightly tapering to a pointed tip.

Moderate wedge shape with gently rounded contours. Slightly curved profile, with the dip at eye level. Strong chin and lower jaw, rounded muzzle.

Ears: Medium in size, broad at the base with slightly rounded tips and set wide apart.

Eyes: Large and slightly slanted; the upper lid almond shaped, the lower lid slightly rounded; eye colour vivid blue.

Coat: Short and glossy, close-lying; silky texture, no undercoat.

Colour Varieties:

The Thai is a colourpointed cat, any point colour without white is accepted. The descriptions of colours are listed in the General Colour Guide.


The goal of the Thai breeding is the traditional type of the Siamese. Any changes of type that
might imply a hybridization by extraneous breeds (e.g. woolly coat, pronounced cheeks, definite
stop, round eyes) are undesirable and to be considered as a severe fault.

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